Five Surprising Uses for a RadMini

Five Surprising Uses for a RadMini

One of our favorite things about the RadMini is just how versatile it is. With a robust hinge that lets it fold in for easy storage and fold out when you’re ready for fun, it’s no wonder it’s been called “the Swiss Army knife of the fat tire ebike world” by the folks at Electrek.


That benefit isn’t lost on its riders. Loads of them have shared their stories about how this rugged space-saver has helped them in some seriously smart ways.


On-Demand Roadside Assistance

RadMini riding over a bridge

When you head out for a long road trip, the RadMini can be a lifesaver. After all, if you suddenly find yourself out of fuel, would you rather make that long trek to the gas station by foot or grab your trusty folding ebike from the back of your camper van?


But that’s not the only situation where a RadMini can help keep you on the move. When Rad Rider Woody D. had to take his car to the mechanic, he discovered the perfect solution for getting back home.


“I folded my bike up, threw it in the back, dropped the car off, and rode home,” he wrote in his five-star review. “The thing is a rolling multi-tool!”


We have to admit, that beats drinking stale coffee while waiting around a service center lobby.


Your Trusty First Mate

RadMini at the port

Are you the nautical type? The RadMini is a big hit with sailors since it stores easily below deck and can be taken out when it’s time to lay anchor.


“Boating brings us to many outstanding places and our RadMinis expand our exploration in a perfect way,” wrote Rad Rider Matthew L.


“My husband and I each have one to use while we are cruising the Great Loop,” according to Cynthia L. “The folding feature makes it easier to stow on our boat.”


Just make sure you keep it dry and away from saltwater. Then it’s all smooth sailing.


Replace Your … Motorcycle?

RadMini in Belgium

We’ve heard from countless riders who’ve used the RadMini to replace their cars, but a few Rad Riders have weighed in to tell us that it's the perfect bike to replace their motorcycles.


“I have a motorcycle that has been in storage for years gathering dust, due to maintenance, insurance, registration, and the lack of time or funds to get it running again,” Andy W. wrote. “The Mini opened my eyes to the possibilities. It's fun to ride!"


Makes sense to us.



Campground Cruiser

Camping with the RadMini

Rad Rider Alice calls the RadMini “perfect for the camper van lifestyle,” especially since it gives her and her husband great opportunities to explore more of their surroundings when traveling together.


“We love to just cruise around, explore the forests and meet some of the locals,” she told us. “It's so nice that the fat tire can go over any terrain. I feel really safe and stable when riding my RadMini."


Campus Commuting

RadMini in the city centre

Between pop quizzes, hitting the books, and still trying to balance a social life, there are a lot of reasons the school year might make you sweat. Making it to class on time shouldn’t be one of them.


“This bike has saved me so much time and deodorant from the sweaty hustles I used to make to class,” wrote Rad Rider Alexis L., college student. “I've paid for this bike just in the wages I've earned using it for food delivery services.”


As an added bonus, it’s also the perfect size for a dorm! That means you don’t have to worry about campus parking fees, budgeting for gas money, or keeping it on a bike rack overnight.


You’ve probably already picked up a minifridge, why not a RadMini?


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