Exploring Europe’s Mountains on a Rad Ride

Exploring Europe’s Mountains on a Rad Ride

German born travel photographer and influencer, Kira Planken, visits idyllic locations around Europe.

The 37 year old’s Instagram account is a serene, picturesque collage filled with blue hues and incredible landscapes. A page to make any holiday goer green with envy.

During the Spring of 2021 we partnered with Kira and provided her with a brand-new RadRhino 5. A bike she chose, and happily reported, loved.

Woman with ebike on bridge

We caught up with Kira recently to learn more about her travel experiences, and get some insight into her riding experience on the fat-tire ebike. Here’s what she had to share…

“I travel a lot with my camper van, and mostly enjoy spending time in the mountains. An ebike seemed to be the perfect addition to my travels. And the RadRhino 5 turned out to be the best choice. I wanted an all round bike suitable for gravel roads and riding through mountainous terrain. With the price and quality – the RadRhino was the undeniable choice.”

 Woman riding ebike next to lake

Kira shared that she had thought about purchasing a mountain bike for some time, before eventually deciding on an electric bike. “I have a great passion for hiking and as a travel photographer, it’s important that I get the perfect shot when I’m touring. But, unfortunately, hiking to all the perfect spots isn’t practical. Let’s say, I want to capture the sunrise. It’s not possible to get to the peak with a car, and hiking would take far too long, so riding my RadRhino 5 is ideal. I’m able to see and do way more in a shorter amount of time. Plus, I don’t exhaust myself. I tried a mountain bike before, and although it was a lot of fun, I felt totally exhausted, and didn’t find the saddle very comfortable. But with my Rhino 5, I can keep going - no problem. My Alps 2021 highlight reel on Instagram perfectly depicts the experience I had riding on the RadRhino 5 and exploring the Swiss and Austrian Alps.”

“Off-roading techniques are easy, even for beginners, because of the fat tires. And, personally, I really enjoy the Twist power assist for moments when I need to take off quickly, or need some extra power to get me up a steep hill.”

It was really Rad catching up with Kira, and getting some insight into the life of a travel photographer. “As soon as snow in the mountains is gone we’ll get the camper van ready, pack the bike and head out. Guess there will be lots of bike adventures next year.”.

We look forward to seeing where your next Radventure takes you!


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