Ebike into the New Year

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Losing weight, staying fit and healthy is often the top priority for many when the clock strikes midnight on December 31st. 

Whether your resolution is to spend more time with friends and family, get fit, or become more sustainable, an ebike is a great way to stick to your goals and have fun while doing so! 


Here's how:


Community and Social Benefits


If you’re a current Rad Power Bikes ebike owner, you may have experienced some head-turns, people approaching you asking multiple questions about your electric two-tyred machine. Or maybe you’ve seen the enormous community on Facebook and Instagram, where Radites share photos, routes and boast about their favourite Rad rides.


The community and social benefits of riding Rad is incredible! And, if you’re hoping to meet new people, or stay connected to your current group of Rad Riders this New Year, we have just the thing!


Ever heard of Strava? Join the Club! No, seriously… there’s a club!


Rad Power Bikes has created a Club on Strava where our community of Rad Riders can interact, track routes, share progress, engage with peers, and stick to your goals for 2021.


Strava App on Mobile

Clubs are the backbone of the cycling scene, and an invaluable source of knowledge and advice that can help you improve as an ebike rider.


Meet like-minded people, reduce that feeling of isolation (adios 2020), improve your health and wellbeing, have fun and maybe you’ll even find a fellow Rad Power Bikes owner in your neighbourhood.





Aside from being a great way to move your body, cycling is one of the best and most environmentally friendly ways to get around, as it uses minimal fossil fuels and is a pollution-free mode of transportation.


Yannik Autumn Ride on the RadRunner Electric Bike

Bikes reduce the need to build, service or dispose of cars. They also conserve roadway and residential space, meaning less need for wide concrete roads, and more for trees.


With Rad Power Bikes wide variety of ebikes and accessories, you can literally leave the car in the garage and hop over to the store, work, or drop the kids off at school on your electric bike.



Get Fit and Active!


Sometimes, riding an ebike is so easy that it may feel like cheating.


New research shows that taking a spin on an ebike provides virtually the same kind of workout as riding a regular bike. Riders assigned to ebikes had an average heart rate of 145 beats per minute, just 10 beats less than regular cyclists, and falling well within what public health professionals describe as “the vigorous intensity zone.”


We hear from a lot of our riders that pedal assist gives them the confidence they need to go on longer excursions (up to 88+ kilometers on a single charge).


A study in the journal Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives found that they're not alone.


Older couple riding RadRhino Electric Bikes


According to its data, physical activity levels were similar in both ebike users and conventional cyclists, but ebike users had an edge when it comes to distance. The average venture on an ebike was charted at 9.4  kilometers, about 1 kilometer more than on a non-electric bike.


Not only that, but the study concluded that ebike riders cover significantly more ground per day -- reaching an average of 8 kilometers compared to 5.3 kilometers among traditional cyclists. Something you can look forward to tracking and sharing on your Strava app!



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