Customizing Your Rad Power Bikes for Your Lifestyle

Customizing Your Rad Power Bikes for Your Lifestyle

At Rad Power Bikes, we specialize in making ebikes that fit your lifestyle and your needs. From the RadRunner to the RadRhino to the RadMini, it’s important to us that your ebike is so much more than just a regular bike with power assist. It’s a tool that powers your lifestyle – whatever that looks like for you.

And that means your creativity doesn’t end once you get your new electric bike. We talked with Rad employee Ralph Hagelaar from Utrecht (Netherlands) who gave us some rad ideas about how to customize your Rad Power Bike for your hobbies, career, family and more. Ralph specifically focuses on the add-on capabilities with our electric cargo bike, the RadWagon, which is his own personal bike as well.

All Seasons

Here in the Netherlands, biking isn’t only a summer activity. We bike year-round, rain or shine, to get to our jobs, to see friends and family, to run errands, and everything in between. But winter riding comes with its challenges.

That’s why some of our ebikes not only have fatter tires for better all-weather riding, but we also have a number of accessories to improve your winter-riding experience, like handlebar mitts and premium headlights.

Man on RadRhino in forest


From surfing to mountain biking, Ralph has personally built a surfboard attachment for a RadRhino 5 electric fat bike. While it is not a cargo bike, it can certainly carry the extra weight and it’s fat tires are perfect for the sandy beach terrain. Something that typically would be impossible to do on a regular bike.

Ralph found another creative use of the rear storage rack by attaching his mountain bike to his RadWagon to take it to the bike park. Unfortunately his mountain bike isn’t made for the 10-kilometre commute to the bike park, but he didn’t like the idea of driving a car there. Luckily, his RadWagon was up to the task of transporting his mountain bike – even if it’s gotten him some funny looks from passersby.


Ralph told us that he’s met customers who use their RadWagons as a form of transportation to and from work because of its impressive storage capacity.

By utilizing the oversize rear rack, Ralph helped a painter realize he could bike to customers even with a big ladder that normally required a truck to transport, as well as a masseuse who was able to bike to her client’s homes with her massage table in tow.

Ralph even used his RadWagon to deliver one of our bicycles to a customer since it was already on the way home for him.


The RadWagon has room on its rear rack to safely carry two children, thanks to our large list of passenger safety accessories, like the Caboose, Deckhand, Running Boards and so much more. That makes it perfect for trips to school, the grocery store, or weekend family outings.

Another benefit to the RadWagon versus other front load cargo bikes? The RadWagon rides like a normal bike, and takes up as much space as one too. That means if you already know how to ride a bike, you don’t need to “learn” how to ride a RadWagon, and you don’t need extra storage space for the bike when you’re not using it. In a city where roads are narrow and bike storage is limited, a long-tail bike like the RadWagon can fit anywhere you want to park it.

Have you made any rad modifications to your Rad Power Bike? Write to us at or share photos with us on social media!


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