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Did you know that every member of Rad Power Bikes’ team gets to test all the Rad Power Bikes' ebikes during, and outside of office hours? It’s a cool perk, but it also helps us understand the wants and needs of our riders — especially when they reach out to us for advice on customizing their ride.

With the weather warming up, a lot of us have been spending more time on our bikes. Here are some of the best ebike accessories we rely on to enjoy our rides to the fullest.

Best Ebike Accessories for Storage

Ebike Accessories for Storage

“I'm an avid frisbee golfer (also known as disc golf), so having a place to store my equipment, snacks, and drinks on the RadWagon is a huge deal. Before owning an ebike, I needed to carry everything in a backpack, but that can be pretty uncomfortable, especially during the hot summer months. Now I can fit all my gear in a pair of Ballard Cargo Bags and other items, like my bike lock, in a small basket bag at the front of the bike.

The new Fremont Panniers are also awesome. I really like that it’s been redesigned to add a pouch you can disconnect from the bag when you’re in a hurry. I can see myself using that for my next round” - Joe F., Rad Power Bikes Community Engagement Manager 


Best Ebike Accessories for Adventure

Ebike Accessories for Adventure

“My happy place is in the middle of nowhere… and my bike helps me get there! It’s my adventure machine. If I’m bikepacking overnight, I can store my tent and sleeping bag in a waterproof sack on the rear rack, using a couple of bungee straps. The large basket also offers plenty of room to store my jacket, extra water, snacks,etc.

If you’re going off-road, or even paved roads after a rainstorm, fenders are great for keeping your bike and gear clean.” -Olivia R., Rad Power Bikes Recruiting Coordinator 


Best Ebike Accessories for Safety and Security

Ebike Accessories for Safety and Security

“After helping a few thousand people get started riding, I think a really good lock should be the first thing to grab. A lock means the freedom to actually use your bike to accomplish things beyond a simple out-and-back ride, because you can stop and park! A lock also buys you time to learn how you like to ride: if you don't have fenders, you'll just get wet until you decide to install them, but if you don't have a lock and you leave your bike unattended ... you might not get a chance to figure the rest out.

Protecting your bike is important, but no matter how much you love your new ride, protecting yourself should come first: a helmet is an absolute must. Especially at night and on urban rides, you can make your rides even safer and stress-free by increasing your visibility with reflective stickers or an upgraded headlight. The easier you are to see, the easier it is for other road users to keep you safe.” -Fritz R., Rad Power Bikes Mobile Western Manager


Best Ebike Accessories for Families 

Ebike Accessories for Families

The RadRunner utility bike is perfect for me and my family. I can mount a child seat to the rear rack, and place my groceries in the front mounted basket. The possibilities are endless! Especially with the RadRunner. There are so many accessories to choose from, which makes it the ideal car replacement. We can even mount a passenger pack to the back if friends or family want to borrow the bike and take a ride together.”
Serena B., Rad Power Bikes Customer Experience Specialist


Ready to gear up for fun? This is just the beginning. Check out our full lineup of ebike accessories now!


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