Celebrating Rad Women This Month and Always

Celebrating Rad Women This Month and Always

Just in time for International Women’s Month, Rad Power Bikes is introducing our new RadWomen Program. Designed by women, for women, the RadWomen Program aims to help ladies learn more about bikes and ebikes, how to choose them, how to maintain them and – most importantly – we want to arm you with the confidence to ride them. 

With our RadWomen Program, we will create a series of events, blogs, videos and cheat sheets to address any misconceptions about biking and ebiking, and provide learning opportunities for new and seasoned female cyclists. Here we’ll introduce two of our RadWomen bike experts, Naja and Selina. These ladies are our very own RadWomen Ambassadors, providing tips and tricks in upcoming blogs and resources in the months to come. 

Let’s get to know them!

About Naja:

A 23-year old Netherlands native, Naja spent her childhood traveling around Europe by bus with her “hippie” family and recently started working at Rad Power Bikes as a Retail Specialist. 

About Selina:

A 39-year old mother of three from Houten, Selina is a self-proclaimed “sports addict” and has worked at Rad Power Bikes as a Product Support Specialist since November 2021. 

Q&A with RadWomen Ambassadors

What motivates you to support other women in activities like ebiking?

Naja: I got involved with the RadWomen Program because it's important to me to help women become more confident in activities that can be intimidating.

As well as a passionate e-biker, I also love to skateboard. A skateboard park can be a male-dominated space, so I organize all-women's skate sessions, where women can be themselves and feel comfortable in that space. That experience has motivated me to help women feel more confident participating in other activities like cycling. 

Selina: Gender equality and the rights of girls and young women worldwide are very important to me. I answered with a resounding “YES!” when I was asked to be part of RadWomen Program because I think it is a great goal to give women more self-confidence. And, through the program we can help lower the hurdles for women taking on longer cycling distances and maintenance. 

Technical knowledge of cycling or correct maintenance is not gender-specific. As a female employee and cycling enthusiast, I would love nothing more than for women everywhere to not be put off by technical terms and instead embrace the challenges of cycling itself. 


Which Rad ebike do you ride and why?

Naja: RadRunner 2 (in black), because it fits my lifestyle and personality.

Selina: RadRhino 6 Plus (high step), because I love to mountain bike! I’m not a typical “girly” woman, and this one looked tough. 


How do you use your Rad ebike?

Naja: I use my RadRunner to get around the city and to work.

Selina: I use my RadRhino to bring my kids to school, commute and take gravel rides at the “Utrechtse Heuvelrug.”


What does your Rad ebike mean to you? 

Naja: Freedom and accessibility.

Selina: I love to bike and this ebike is the perfect way to explore more in less time, in a way that’s good for the environment.


What can you do now that you could not before? 

Naja: I can get to places much easier! I used to take the bus when the location was a bit too far, but now I go with my ebike. This way I get outside and moving, and it saves me so much money and time! 

Selina: I get to see more in less time ;-)


What is your favorite feature of your ebike?

Naja: How comfortable it is to ride! And of course how it looks! 

Selina: I love the fat tires – they look cool, are stable and give me more grip in the forest.


What would be the one thing you would want to share with someone considering the same bike as you?

Naja: I would really recommend it for anyone who wants to get around easily. It is super comfortable and perfect for city life. I think if you are looking for a bike for more rough terrain (like woods or hills), some of the other models like RadRhino might be a better fit.

Selina: Mount the premium headlight! It’s bigger and gives the bike an even better look!


What do you wish you would have known before choosing this bike?

Naja: I was already pretty informed about the bike and was confident in my choice.

Selina: Make a test ride on every bike before you decide which one you want to buy. That way you can feel how it rides and better get to know the differences.


What is your favourite place that you have so far gone to with your Rad ebike? 

Naja: To a bunch of lovely city and nature spots around Utrecht. I’m looking forward to the summer to take my RadRunner to some lakes!

Selina: The “Utrechtse Heuvelrug” is my favourite most of the time and “den Treek” in Woudenberg and Leusden. 


Now that you know Naja and Selina, get ready for more Rad tips and tricks from our favourite RadWomen! Subscribe to our blog, to never miss an update and check out our RadWomen page, where you can find all resources in one place.


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