Can You Get Fit With An Electric Bike?

Can you get fit with an electric bike?

Cycling is one of the best cardiovascular exercises you can do. It improves your heart-rate, strengthens muscles, and burns calories. So yes, we may be biased, but we definitely agree that an electric bike is a great way to get fit and stick to your 2021 Resolutions.


Here’s how and why:


Electric bikes are moderately akin to standard bicycles, with the exception of the battery and motor.


Rad Power Bikes ebikes (Europe) are limited to 250W motor, and can ride up to 25km/hour, which, for most, is a sufficient speed to ride to work or head out for an active bike ride.


Friends riding their Rad Power Bikes Electric Bikes


You may have heard the story that riding an electric bike is “cheating”, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Ebikes are not mopeds, and require pedaling to get going. Which means you have to keep your legs moving, giving those muscles some activity and simultaneously burns calories. 


An electric bike allows you to exercise without putting excessive strain on your joints or muscles. Once you begin to pedal, the motor kicks in, which helps to conquer steep inclines, or alleviates you from arriving at the office drenched in sweat.


The very act of pedalling will help to increase your cardiovascular fitness. What an ebike motor does is simply reduce the intensity of the pedalling, so you are putting less pressure on your heart and joints. This is great for people who haven’t exercised in some time, have health impediments, or have trouble with joint maneuverability.


Snow Couple with their RadRhino Electric Bikes


With a Rad Power Bikes Ebike you can choose your preferred pedal assistance mode. Which means your ride can be as difficult or easy as you like.
For instance, if you’re riding up steep hills, you can increase the PAS (pedal assist) to 5, but if you’d prefer more of a workout keep the PAS low, or under 2.  Be aware that some of our bikes are as heavy as 34.8 kgs, so you will definitely feel the burn if you keep the PAS low, or at 0. 


Forest Ride with RadRhino


The flexibility and capabilities are vast. Your ebike can be the perfect workout companion, or the ideal sustainable mode of transportation. Consider the ease of riding your bike instead of your car. No need to worry about parking, cost of petrol, traffic congestion, carbon emissions, you name it! With an ebike you can ride up to 88+ kilometres on a single charge, which means more fresh air, more time riding (and thus exercising), and more opportunities to explore local cities and parks. 


So, you can definitely become fitter and more active by using an ebike!


Still unsure? Read our blog on Five Reasons Riding an Ebike isn’t cheating. Or join our Strava Club where you can engage with other Rad Riders, and share and track your routes and kilometres. 


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