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Behind the Bike: RadWagon 4

Our design team pulls back the curtain on the strongest, most versatile RadWagon ever produced.

If you're looking for proof that Rad Power Bikes has an amazing product design team, look no further than the RadWagon 4.


This flagship electric cargo bike has been optimised from the ground up to provide more functionality and customisation for more riders than ever before -- whether they're families on-the-go, commuters, or delivery drivers.


It boasts smaller, innovative new tyres developed by our in-house team of expert engineers to achieve a lower center of gravity. Its patented new frame design features multiple points of adjustability, including a telescoping seat post and maneuverable handlebars that require no tools.


It's equipped with a 250W geared hub motor for the first time, enhancing your ability to haul precious cargo -- even when you're pushing the electric bike's 158 kg payload capacity or loading it up with our new lineup of family-friendly accessories. 


The resulting ride feel is unparalleled in its stability and maneuverability, and it made us wonder how our product team pulled it off.


So we asked them! Project Manager Doyle Savola and Industrial Designer Joe Gray obliged and gave us a peek under the hood. 





"It all seems really simple when you look at the bike," Savola told us. "But it took a lot of work to make it look simple."


For five years, the RadWagon had set the standard for what can be expected in an electric cargo bike. When the new project began, the team was tasked with taking everything that riders loved but making the overall package more utilitarian. 


"We were shooting for a bike that wasn't just for someone who needed a super functional workhorse," he explained. "It ultimately had to be for somebody that needed a bike that they could just feel comfortable and confident on."


A Lower Center of Gravity 




To that end, the crew sought to give the bike a lower center of gravity. 


"A lot of cargo bikes have a bit of wobbliness to them. We wanted to avoid that so kids and parents could both feel more stable. Pushing down the standover height to make it as low as possible was the key," Gray said. 


Getting there was easier said than done. Generally, if you're looking to make a sturdier frame, you'll be required to bring up the bike's top tube, which in turn leads to a higher standover height. 


After a lengthy round of revisions, the team eventually discovered they could get around this by designing custom tyres that are completely unique to Rad Power Bikes. They'd be smaller than those on previous models, but also wider to help the bike move smoothly across uneven terrain, and with treading that could help riders brave tough weather while on off-road adventures.


"That was a big, mind-blowing moment for us," Joe added. "That move all at once made the bike accessible to a lot more people."


The Right Fit



Achieving a lower center of gravity was one box to check in making the RadWagon 4 a go-to bike for more riders, but the team recognised there was still more to be done to make sure the bike could be quickly and easily adjusted to match any rider. 


They got there by adding a telescoping seat post and an adjustable stem. "The great thing is, you can move both without having to break out any tools," Doyle said. "It makes it feel like a cockpit that can be adjusted a million different ways."


Joe, a RadWagon rider himself, added that this is a feature he's particularly excited about.


"My wife and I both ride it, but I'm a lot taller than she is. I hate busting out the Allen wrench to change the handlebars, so I usually just keep everything set to where she has it, even if that means I get sore knees," he teased. 


"Being able to really quickly bump that saddle up, shift those handlebars, and get yourself upright and happy makes the whole experience something that people are going to enjoy more. I know I'm going to."


Starting in September, you'll have a chance to jump on, ride Rad, and see exactly what he means for yourself. Preorder yours today.

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