Are Rad ebikes EU compliant? Are they ebikes or mopeds?

Are Rad ebikes EU compliant? Are they ebikes or mopeds?

On June 21st, the Netherlands' transportation ministry, ILenT issued fines to 9 companies who sell “fat tire ebikes” that were not EN15194 compliant and are thus classified as mopeds, not electric bicycles. While the ILenT did not list the companies impacted by these fines, Rad Power Bikes was not one of the 9, as our ebikes are compliant with the laws and regulations.

The ILenT's statement has caused some confusion and we want to clear up that confusion as it relates to our ebikes so that customers can feel confident when Riding Rad.

Let’s get customers’ biggest concerns cleared up.

Is your Rad ebike road legal?


Yes, absolutely. Since early 2020, Rad Power Bikes only sells ebikes in EU and UK that are 100% compliant with the requirements for EN15194 bicycles.

Our bicycles are called EPAC pedelec bikes and are treated as regular bicycles on EU and UK roads. Rad Power Bikes ebikes have a maximum assisted speed of 25 km/h, with a 250 Watt motor and can not be ridden without pedaling yourself. So it is truly a bicycle and not a moped. Yes, some of our bikes come with a Twist Power Assist, but not with a throttle, and our bikes can not be ridden without pedaling.

All our bikes (since early 2020), no matter the size of the tire, comply with the EN15194 ebike standard and carry the CE marking.

Please note that Rad Power Bikes is not responsible for any personal modification of your Rad ebike that may put you in conflict with EU and UK law. Our bikes are designed to adhere to the law and any modification may void your warranty. We recommend you do not modify your bike beyond the approved specs and standards upon delivery.

Do I need a license plate for my Rad Power Bikes?

No, since our bikes comply with EN15194, they can use bike lanes like any other bicycle. You do not need a license plate or a driving license for our ebikes as they do not ride faster than 25 km/h with motor assistance. We do however recommend the use of a bicycle helmet and owning bike theft insurance for additional protection.

How can I know which bikes are safe to buy?

The best way to ensure you buy a bike that is road legal, is by following the brand’s technical descriptions on the website and the owner’s manual. The key points to look for are:

  • Does the motor have a maximum continuous rated power of 250W?
  • Is the motor’s assisted speed capped at 25 km/h?
  • Is the throttle/Twist Assist/ Launch Assist/Walk Assist capped at 6 km/h?
  • Do you have to pedal for the motor to provide assistance to your ride?



Why did other fat tire bike brands get a penalty?

The government’s statement says that the brands who have been fined have been selling electric bikes that don’t comply with the speed and motor strength limitations for EN15194. We do not wish to speculate on behalf of the impacted companies, but it is important for customers to know that electric bikes that do not comply with EN15194 are considered to be motor vehicles in the EU and the UK.

Are only fat tire bikes impacted?

No, in fact all electrically powered bicycles have to comply with the regulations as laid out in EN15194. Bike brands with thin tires also have to abide by the same regulations or be subject to fines and penalties. So no matter the size of your tire, make sure you know which category your ebike belongs to and which local laws you have to follow to stay road legal.

We hope this quick review of the Dutch (EU and UK) law has eased your mind during your ebike research. Should you have any questions, our customer support team is ready to answer your questions at

To find the best Rad ebike for you, check out our bike comparison matrix online.

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