Affording Your New ebike, Made Easy

Affording Your New ebike, Made Easy

We all know that riding our bikes is good for our health and even better for the environment , but what if it could be good for our wallet too? 

Governments around Europe have been working tirelessly to provide tax incentives for riders and businesses who want to switch to a more environmentally friendly solution to commuting and transportation. But sometimes the world of bike-to-work schemes and financial subsidies can seem overwhelming. 

If, like us, you love your bike and you want more of your friends, colleagues and family to enjoy a Rad ride, now there is an easy way to find out if you also qualify for some financial incentives in your area. 

With over 300 tax incentives on a national, regional and local level it is a small miracle to know all the ins and outs of each program. Thankfully, the European Cyclist Federation (ECF) has created an interactive tool to show you what programs you can participate in. This calculator is really user-friendly and fun to play with. Simply choose your country, which target group you fall under, and what type of bike you own (or hope to own -- wink wink), and the calculator will fill in the rest.

First, Choose Your Country

This will narrow down the list of incentives to those within your home turf. Taking into account your country, region and municipality.  If you are lucky and live in a country like Germany or France, you will have up to 4 or 5 potential incentives to choose from. So don’t be shy and use some more filters. 


Tax incentive gif

Use More Filters

If you find all the choices to be overwhelming, you can always filter the results further by using the “type of bicycle” filter. Here you can select between cargo, e-cargo, pedelec-25 and a conventional bike. If these terms are a bit foreign to you, fear not, we have a handy dictionary just for you.

Last but not least you can also apply the “Target Group” filter in case you are looking to buy a bike for your business, a public entity, your employees or, of course, yourself. 

Bike Dictionary

Quick Caption:

While the tax incentive and purchase premium calculator from the ECF provides great insights for all types of buyers, we recommend that you always make sure to verify your information with your local government website or contact center. Rules, forms and qualifications can change unexpectedly, and sometimes that information is not passed on to the ECF for updates. 

No matter where you live or what kind of bicycle you want, you are now equipped with the power and capability to know all the tax incentives and bike-to-work schemes that you can participate in, and benefit from.  Make sure to let your friends and colleagues know about this awesome tool, and maybe give a nudge to your boss while you’re at it, so they can sign up for added company incentives and provide you with the Rad ride you’ve always wanted. . 



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