A Rad Setup for Ebiking Photographers

A Rad Setup for Ebiking Photographers

By: Camila Domingues, Rad Power Bikes photographer + videographer

Taking pictures or video while ebiking might sound like a risky thing to do, but after working as a photographer and videographer for Rad Power Bikes for the past 2 years, I’ve found some rad ways to customize my electric bike to allow me to get better shots, without compromising my safety. 

While I use my RadRunner Plus for commuting and leisure, my RadRunner black is my go-to for work. The RadRunner takes me everywhere I need to go for shoots and scouting. Additionally, this stable bike allows me to attach and carry my video gear with me. I can even use it as a mobile filming platform by mounting my camera rig to it. 

How do I do that, you ask? In order to mount the camera gimbal and the arm to absorb shocks while riding and recording, I attached them to a vertical bar on the RadRunner rear rack. The rack mounting holes made it easy to fix the bar base by simply using a regular plate with four bolts. I also added a phone mount to the handlebars to control the camera sitting on the back of the bike.

Without this setup, I couldn’t film or photograph by myself while also riding safely. No matter how strong of a cyclist you are, it’s not prudent to ride with one hand holding a camera and another trying to control the bike. I would have to stay on the passenger seat and have someone ride the bike for me. But even in that scenario, I would have to keep my hands on the camera rather than securing myself to the bike – still not a very safe option. 

Video recorded with the camera mounting setup

With the camera mounting setup, I’m able to control camera angles, shoot side-by-side with another rider, and give them instructions while moving without losing control of my bike. Having a solid camera rig on the bike also allows me to shoot in places where a car or a drone can’t go, like trails or crowded urban spaces.

And when it comes to accessories, racks and pannier bags are my favorite when photographing because I can take heavy camera, lenses, and tripods with me with no sweat.   

Beyond helping me safely and effectively do my job (a very important task!), my Rad Power Bike has given me the freedom to discover and experience the world from a different perspective. The ebike gives me the opportunity to enjoy my path with fresh eyes every single time.

Do you have any other hacks or tips for ebiking while filming or photographing? Let us know by emailing eu-info@radpowerbikes.com.


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