A Rad Bike Adventure Through the Ardennes

A Rad Bike Adventure Through the Ardennes

By: Thijs Vrij, Rad Power Bikes customer + enthusiast

Half the fun of any adventure is reliving your best moments over and over. That’s why as a biking and kitesurfing enthusiast, I started my company Sail Video System to help both amateurs and professionals capture these moments through hands-free body-worn camera mounts.

I recently put my products to the test on a multi-day adventure through the Belgian Ardennes with my buddy, using none other than our trusty Rad Power Bikes (and a camper to power them up). We were in the middle of nowhere and had the best time ever, riding the RadRhinos and enjoying the beautiful fall colors and some muddy tracks. 

You might be wondering why we took electric bikes over mountain bikes on such a big excursion. But as a 54-year old Dutch father of two, bringing the ebikes meant we could make longer trips and ride rough terrain without wearing ourselves completely out. And our RadRhino 5 and RadRhino 6 Plus certainly held up for the job! We found out just how solidly the bike and electronics are built, having no issues whatsoever, including biking through water.

The best moment of the trip was when we were riding down a narrow muddy track along a small river. At some point we came to a bridge that was washed away. We weren’t ready to turn back, so we decided to ride down a small waterfall through the river. We had so much fun, and the bikes handled it beautifully. 

I loved testing our new camera mounts on the Rad Power Bikes so I can show off all the beautiful locations we visited as well as real action video footage. On this trip we filmed with our 3rdPersonView camera mount around the waist and our new shoulder mount.

These camera mounts create amazing shots and make it look as if the camera is floating in the air and following you everywhere. When using a 360 video camera, the pole that holds the camera also becomes invisible, creating amazing shots as you can see in the videos.

So what would I recommend to everyone who is planning a camper trip with ebikes?

  • Make sure to carry tools and some spare parts (we ran into a few moments where having our Rad tools on hand saved the day!)
  • Bring a generator to charge the bikes
  • Don’t forget good food and enough drinks

… and most importantly: 

Bring a 360 or action camera and one of our Sail Video System camera mounts and shoot some awesome video!

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