A Family Reunited

A Family Reunited

For a limited time, you can now meet all generations of the RadRunner family.

In 2019 we introduced Europe to the RadRunner 1, our legendary moped style cargo bike. It was an instant success. Available in forest green and black, this spent two years bringing fun and mobility to riders the world-over. (not to mention plenty of drivers near you!)

In 2021 we welcomed the RadRunner Plus in Europe, an upgraded version of the iconic RadRunner ebike. With 7 gears, front suspension and an upgraded LCD Display, your ride just got a ton more comfortable. And for a very limited time, the RadRunner Plus was also available in a limited edition with an upgraded headlight and passenger package already installed.

Since then, we’ve been busy taking customer feedback into consideration as we developed the Series 2 of our iconic moped-style electric bike — and we introduced the RadRunner 2 in February 2022.

With Series 1 being named the Best Utility Electric Bike of 2021 and Best Value Cargo Bike by Electric Bike Review and Bicycling Magazine, respectively, we wanted to take all the features you already love about this single-speed drivetrain powered bike and add some special improvements for urban riders across Europe.
All models in this awesome RadRunner family share traits such as the integrated rear rack, low-step frame, dual-leg kickstand and the integrated brake light, the RadRunner 2 electric bike comes with a few exciting updates from the Classic version.

The RadRunner 2 offers an improved rider comfort:

  • Upgraded saddle and passenger pack, adding an extra 15mm of cushioning to provide more comfort on longer rides
  • Pre-installed fenders for less hassle and cost
  • Improved handlebar angle for a more upright position

Like RadRunner 1, RadRunner 2 comes in black and green colors and of course it is still the iconic retro inspired, moped style ebike with an adjustable seat height to fit more riders with varying heights.

This Fall, the Classic RadRunner 1 has returned in limited numbers to Europe and the UK to delight customers with its legendary colors, orange detailing and often copied, but never achieved unique style. Check out the family and see which bike is best for you.

"Haven't been on a bike for 25years but decided to get my Rad Runner and have not looked back since. It's fabulous." - Edith G. - RadRunner rider

"I just love this bike.. It's got me back on the road and I'm just love riding it with my Grandson on the back we go everywhere, he loves it too!" - Andre W. - RadRunner rider

"Delighted with my purchase, getting the basic bike for a reasonable price is a great idea as I've added lots of accessories since buying."  - Martin M. - RadRunner rider



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