7 Ways to Improve Your Summer Riding

7 Ways to Improve Your Summer Riding

Summer is here, bringing countless opportunities to enjoy your ebike! Whether going to the beach or the park, commuting to and from work, or dinner with friends, you can soak up all that sunshine from the seat of your ebike. But with the warmer weather comes a new set of considerations.

So to make the most of your riding this summer, here are our best tips for summer weather biking!

Man removing battery from a RadCity electric city bike

1. Protect your battery from direct sunlight.

You might like soaking up the rays, but your ebike battery is less enthusiastic. Avoid leaving it in direct sunlight for long, as extreme temperatures can wear down the components that are used to generate power for your ebike, leading to premature capacity loss.

While we always recommend storing your bike inside, if that is not possible, detach the battery and store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, dirt, debris, high temperatures, and corrosive household items.

2. Don’t ride in extreme heat.

Similarly, to keep your battery healthy and preserve its range per charge, avoid riding your ebike when it’s above 47° Celsius.

Like a lot of electronics, including most cell phones, your battery will protect itself from overheating by shutting down when it’s too hot. If this happens to you while you’re riding, don’t panic. This is part of its normal protection controls and happens when the internal temperature rises above 60°.

Before normal use can continue, your battery will need to cool down. Take the battery to an indoor environment, ideally one that’s between 10° C–21° C, for roughly one hour.

Woman riding RadMission electric bike in flower field

3. Keep your eyes out.

With the sun shining, there are more people out and about, the roads and pavements are busier, and more distractions arise – not to mention the sun may be impacting your vision! Be extra cautious as you bike through busy areas, intersections, and popular trails to avoid accidents and falls.

4. Lather up.

While riding on a warm sunny day with the wind in your face, you may not feel the strength of the sun’s rays on your skin, so make sure to stay topped up with the sun cream! With SPF protection on your side, you can skip the stinging sunburns that keep you off your bike and away from the action.

Woman and man having coffee next to RadRunner electric bikes

5. Stay hydrated.

This tip is relevant throughout the year, but it’s especially important on warmer days to avoid dehydration, heat stroke, or just feeling rundown after a long ride in the sun. Keep your water extra handy by getting our handlebar bag for easy access to your water bottle while you ride.


6. Check your tire pressure.

As a general rule of thumb, your bike’s tire pressure increases as temperatures rise and the warm air expands inside your tire. Make sure to check your tire pressure frequently to avoid flat or damaged tires.


Man next to RadRunner electric bike at the lake

7. Don’t forget your gear!

When riding in warm weather, using a backpack to carry your things can be less than ideal when sweat starts pooling on your back. But don’t fear, Rad has you covered! Carry all your personal care items on your ebike in our center console for RadRunner or our variety of different baskets and bags.

With these tips, you’re ready to ride through your summer with Rad! Did we miss any summer weather riding tips you use? If so, tell us on social.


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