5 Hidden Features Every Rad Power Bike Owner Needs to Know

5 Hidden Features Every Rad Power Bike Owner Needs to Know

Whether you’ve just gotten out for your first ride on your new Rad Power Bike or are an ebike veteran with lots of miles on those tires, we’ve got some hidden features to share that you may not have discovered yet.

Unlock even more fun with your ebike by trying some of these hacks:

Walk Assist

Each Rad ebike comes with its unique remote control system. Some even come with the Twist Power Assist feature. But did you know that there is also a walk assist feature on your bike? 

If you press and hold the “Down” button on the remote control, the motor will kick in and help you roll the bike even if you aren’t pedaling. When you try out this cool feature, make sure to hold on to your bike as you walk with it as it will magically move your bike along up to 6 km/hr. 

Level +1 Pedal Assist System

Most riders are familiar with our "Twist Power Assist." You know it’s especially great for getting moving quickly after a stop at a red light. But did you know that it can give some extra boost to your Pedal Assist System (PAS) level if you use the throttle while peddling? Give it a twist to add some speed to your workout. This feature is only available on ebikes with the European 250 watt motors.

Power Savings Mode

As a Rad rider, you know you can rely on your battery no matter where you go. But when you arrive at your destination, do you still pay close attention to your bike’s power consumption? 

Well, with the power savings mode that automatically kicks in after 10 minutes of inactivity, you can rest assured you’re not losing charge. Even if you forget to turn off the light when you park your bike in the garage, you won’t have to worry about finding a drained battery later. 


Flash Mode

All Rad Power Bikes have a remote control to activate the front and tail lights. It is paramount that you always ride safely and can be seen in all weather conditions. And there is a nifty little trick to be seen even better, while also conserving some battery life. 

Your taillights have a “flash” mode that you can activate by pressing a tiny button on the bottom side of the light. This saves battery and makes you more visible in certain weather conditions. Please note this is only available on the following bikes: RadRunner, RadMission, RadRunner Plus, RadRhino 5, RadRhino Step Thru, RadWagon4 and RadMini 4. Regulations may differ by region, please make sure your local bike safety requirements for lighting.

Charge your gear on the go

If you ever found that your riding fun outlasted your phone's charger, now you can fix that too. The RadRunner Plus, RadRhino 5, RadRhino Step-Thru, RadWagon 4 and RadMini 4 have a handy USB port built into their LCD display (on your handlebars). You can connect any device that charges with a USB cable to make sure you've got plenty of juice for the ride. Here is how it works>>

If you have a RadMission or RadRunner 1, that’s no problem! With the LCD Display Upgrade, you can add a USB port to your bike.

For our new Plus models, like the RadRhino 6 Plus and RadCity 5 Plus, we have gone a step further and designed an attachable USB charger. With this external charger, you can link two chargers together off both ports, for a total of 4 usb outlets. This way you can charge your and your friend’s phone too.

Next time you hit the road or trails, take advantage of some of these features to get even more fun from your ride.


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