360 with Radvocate Thijs Vrij | Rad Stories

360 with Radvocate Thijs Vrij | Rad Stories

“Imagine the impossible, and then figure out how to make it reality” _ Thijs Vrij


Thijs Vrij, a longtime film producer, kite-surfer and inventor of the 3rdPersonView camera mount at SailVideoSystem shared his story with the Rad Power Bikes team in Europe. This is what he had to say.



When visiting Thijs at his home/workspace in Harlem, the Netherlands, he explained the inspiration behind creating the 3rdPersonView camera. “I usually say I am an inventor. I am basically the owner of SailVideoSystem where I sell the camera mounts that I have created.


My career started out in film production. So I’ve always been involved in film. 

In my spare time I enjoy kitesurfing, skating boarding and mountain biking. So to capture the feeling and excitement of  these activities, I decided to merge my love of film with my joy for action sport, and this is how the 3rd Person mount was created. I uploaded this onto kickstarter and it took off from there.”


Thijs humbly explained how this small startup business boomed in just a few short years, and how excited he was to see his product being worn by an A-list movie star. 


Thijs Vrij Haarlem


“I run my business very similarly to Rad Power Bikes. I work directly with the consumer, I make everything in my workspace, and delivery across the Globe. There is no middle man, which means no hassle, and this keeps the price low.”


But how did Thijs become a Radvocate? 

“I had two electric skateboards, which I am now unable to ride due to Dutch law. So it was time to look for something new.
In the beginning of February 2020 I unfortunately suffered a small heart attack. Due to the health risk I was not allowed to ride my skateboard or drive my car.
A few weeks had passed and a friend told me about Rad Power Bikes. I decided to visit the Rad Power Bikes stall at Ebike Xperience in Utrecht. I had a ride on the indoor track and instantly fell in-love.”




When visiting Thijs in Harlem, he took us on a tour of his neighborhood so we could get first-hand experience of his day to day with his RadRhino and RadRhino Step-Thru. “I initially ordered a RadRhino, and on the first day I immediately took it to the beach. With 250W it managed to ride uphill, move through the soft sand and I had no trouble with finding parking.
I really like how the bike handles. It is so much fun and the 250W motor is perfect because you can ride anywhere!” 


“I now have two RadRhinos, the Step-Thru and the High-Step, which have really come in handy during the Covid-19 pandemic. I can ride around town with my kids, or Valerie and Floyd will take the bikes themselves and explore the town while still keeping to social distancing restrictions. It’s a fun way to get around, be outside and get some exercise.”


Do you enjoy riding your fat tyred ebike on the beach, like Thijs? Here are some top tips on Riding That Ebike Wave To The Beach. Interested in ordering a Rad Ride? Check out our lineup or take our Find Your Ebike Quiz



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